VEE 303 reflects on violence and beauty with ‘Wounded’

A delicious blend of slow-burning trip-hop and future R&B, VEE 303’s latest single ‘Wounded’ exposes the fashion designer turned singer’s complicated relationship with pain, both emotionally and physically. A passionately-led and technical single, ‘Wounded’ doesn’t back away from unravelling the truth, easily placing VEE 303 in the sonic realms of Sevdaliza, FKA Twigs, and Kelela. With an effortlessly seductive music video, boldly juxtaposing urban aesthetics with the art of the classic antiquity, ‘Wounded’ might just connect with you more than you’d think.

VEE 303 went to a boarding school for the supremely gifted with restricted access to the outside world. With alumni including Nietzsche, she studied classical music intensely before discovering life beyond the Cistercian monastery walls. Founding a fashion label at 21 and taking prompts from Berlin’s hedonistic underground, her accessories proved popular, and tastemakers like Lil Uzi Vert, Lina Tesch and Kicki Yang Zhang were quick to adorn her custom chokers and harnesses.

Now focusing purely on music, VEE 303’s debut single ‘Innocence’ documented unrequited love with depth and fragility. Her latest offering ‘Wounded’ is it’s evocative and transgressive follow up about needing to feel physical pain in order to free ourselves from the emotional kind.

“Wounded is about the dynamic of control between two people and how it can be a liberating experience to just let someone take over. It can give you some kind of freedom to not worry about the world for a second and indulge yourself in the moment. It is a reflection on how I experience salvation through pain and the contradictory forces of violence and beauty”


Photographer: Nicolas Blanchadell
Designer & Stylist: Fanny Maillard