Velta! Photography by Kertin Vasser

Introducing Estonian menswear designer Katrin Aasmaa and her graduation collection Velta. Model is Alan Solonchuk signed at Sage Management. Make up and hair by Mari-Ly Kapp.

“Velta” is a summary of stories that took place in the 90s in Eastern-Europe set in a usual panel house of Mustamäe. Each outfit portrays a certain memory. I remember cheap crystal bowls filled with candy, dishes and glasses embellished with gold stripes, plaid and floral oilcloth on the kitchen table, perfectly positioned dolls wearing socks and ribbons, and my grandmother falling asleep with her rollers on.


I remember how overheated the landline was after 2-hour-long discussions about our relatives. I remember the excitement after school when I was allowed to watch Latin soap operas. I remember intimate small birthday celebrations in comparison to big family reunions when our Latvian relatives arrived and the table was fully dressed.

I remember saturday evenings when Velta pushed the kitchen table next to the wall, gave me golden shoes and taught me how to dance waltzwhilst legendary radio station playing Estonian Estrada music. After that she put her rollers on and enjoyed the last cigarette before falling asleep in her bedroom.

I remember grandma telling me stories about hanging laundry and sunbathing while it dries. At the same time legendary Estonian Estrada singer V. Kuslap was practicing his songs at on the rooftop. I remember going to the sauna, going to the cemetery, I remember annoying everyday bustling.

And I still wear my childhood nickname “Eputrilla” that is used to describe a person who enjoys attention.

“I am an Estonian menswear designer. I graduated this year the fashion department of Estonian academy of Arts. I enjoy sharing simple stories and try to look at the society’s pitfalls through the prism of humour and thus find relief for them.

My designs are strongly influenced by the post-Soviet cultural space, such as the bums of central market, Mustamäe’s retirees, or the gangs of Lasnamäe; time-honored situation comedy is the key. A garment can give a glimpse into your mindset in seconds. Be the same as your clothes – with bold quirks and details and some minor flaws, and thus you can understand that it is man-made, not machine-made.

Dress your emotion, or it will catch cold.” says the designer.

Photography by Kertin Vasser / / Instagram:

Designer and styling by Katrin Aasmaa / / Instagram:

Model is Alan Solonchuk signed at Sage Management / Instagram:

Make up and hair by Mari-Ly Kapp / Instagram:


Katrin Aasmaa