Veronika Gilkova

Veronika Gilková is 25 years old  Slovak photographer, who also has a degree in social psychology. She has been exhibiting her work in Slovakia and the Czech republic and has been featured on several online platforms. Her skills for seeing things others wouldn’t notice and capturing them in her own unique way is breathtaking. Oh, and she is also dreaming of having a sloth friend!



KALTBLUT: You shoot a lot in nature. What does nature mean to you?

Veronika: Nature is where I have a tendency to put people in. Without people nature can function perfectly fine on its own and it’s beautiful on its own, but people bring feelings and moods and that’s something I like to work with as far as photography is concerned.

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KALTBLUT: What do you find easier and more interesting to photograph?

Veronika: It’s easier for me to photograph people I know and it usually brings nice results, but it’s more interesting to photograph people who I meet only for  the photo-shoot. The whole process of photo-shooting gets slightly more exciting because, there are things which can come up, and make me  change the concept of the session a little bit and that tends to usually be even better.


KALTBLUT: You describe yourself as a dreamer. What is a big dream of yours?

Veronika: I have many dreams, but one which is kind of the ultimate dream of mine is to do what I like professionally and just be happy in life and also I would like to have a sloth.


KALTBLUT: What influences do you have regarding your work?

Veronika: I really admire the work of Lukasz Wierzbowski, Ren Hang or Dennis Auburn. Their photos have that mind-blowing effect sometimes.


Interview by Amanda M. Jansson



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