VETEMENTS AH22–23 Collection

VETEMENTS AH22-23 Collection (also known as VETEMENTS FALL-WINTER 22-23 Main Collection) was presented on 25th November 2021. Originally catering to royals and the aristocracy, in the early 20th century couturiers focused on a new type of clients – industry tycoons and their families, who made money with everything from oil & real estate to butter & chocolate bars.

With the Fall-Winter 22-23 main collection, VETEMENTS is pushing to redefi ne the couture and savoir-faire of the previous generations for the new era, that is defined by all-new social and economic phenomenon’s that can transform a person’s life overnight – the new wealth of bitcoin millionaires, someone who invested 1000 dollars in bitcoin in 2010 would now be worth short of 80 million dollars; social media millionaires who rose to fame and wealth by simply being themselves and sharing the most private moments of their lives, and others monetizing even more private moments shared on their OnlyFans accounts.