Victorian Women by Vadim Putregai

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photograph Vdim Putregai teamed up with model Adraian Donica to create this stunning editorial. The main idea of the shooting was showing the emotional drama of ‘Victorian Women’ that in real life was so stringently restrained and the absurdity of the smiling face convention is all the more apparent. In fact, nothing good is in store for these women. They may have happy moments, but the pain they will suffer will be greater than any happiness. Their poses embody sorrow, resignation, solemnity, and love, determined love, love which will have a hard time of it. They also seem to know and accept the terrible fate that lies ahead. And whereas we tend to consider every disaster as an outrage, for that period of time, disaster was a predictable part of life.

Team Credits:

Fashion by Constanzia Yurashko
Instagram: @constanzia.yurashko
Model is Adraian Donica
Instagram: @adrianadonica
Photography by Vadim Putregai
Instagram: @vadimphh