I love A Black Rainbow, the music project and brainchild of Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht. Today we are celebrating the release of the video: DON’T TOUCH MY HEART! Dark basses meet harmonious melodies, underpinned by strict beats and arrangements rich in contrast, plus an incomparable visual style. A mixture of rock’n’roll, wave, electro and techno. As multi-layered as a rainbow, yet unadjusted and rebellious. Like the black sheep of the family.

A Black Rainbow stands for the outsider who doesn’t fit into the picture at first glance but is nevertheless a soulful, profound, multi-layered person. A rainbow whose colours have yet to be fathomed.

Alongside his fascination for the music of other artists is his passion for self-made music. His own songs allow him to show the world facets of himself that would otherwise remain hidden in acting.

Over the years, Wilson has been on stage again and again as a musician. In 2010, together with friends, he finally founded A Black Rainbow – the music project of which the 31-year-old is still the singer and songwriter today and with which he now unfolds a new side of himself. Mysterious, dark and androgynous, yet always accompanied by a spark of hope.

After many ideas, experiments and countless hours in the rehearsal room, A Black Rainbow was now back in the studio to record their first EP. And in May the time had come. The debut single “The Inbetween” was released. Followed by two more tracks and a few Open Air Shows he finished recording the Debut EP “Face” which was released in spring 2023.

Fitting for spring now follows the new single with the video to “Don’t touch my heart”.
Mission Control: A Black Rainbow has landed!