Video Premiere: Alex Rapp – ‘Say’

American-born Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist Alex Rapp is sharing the music video for her track”Say”, one of the rawest and most personal of the seven songs on her July 21-released EP Spiraling. The video was filmed in her home-state of Maryland and directed by local filmmaker Jason Mukendi. Together they created a beautiful visual companion for Alex’s hauntingly emotional track about romantic loss, highlighting the emptiness of a lost relationship that once was your home. “Say you love me and you won’t let me go” are now mere words that echo through the empty house Alex finds herself in. A house – once a home – haunted by memories of a love Alex at this point is still reluctant to let go of.

Watch the video for “Say” exclusively on KALTBLUT below.

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Cover photo by Joseph Mukendi

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