Video Premiere: ANNA VR – ‘Under The Sand’

Having been ensconced in the studio working on her forthcoming debut EP ‘I: Future Romance’, the first of a 3-part EP trilogy, Berlin-based ANNA VR pre-empts the release with a brand new track ‘Under the Sand, accompanied by a stunning visual portraying ANNA VR’s charm and elegant fragility. Highly visceral and delicately intricate, the former jazz pianist’s skilfully surreal sound is captured in a tingling 3-minute clip.

“The video explores body landscapes while channelling life’s existential essentials: Friendship and Desire. Bodies in Nature: Under the Sand. You’re with friends on a beach, on a warm summers day. Suddenly you find yourself drifting, high on the beauty of nature and the love for your friends. As feelings dissolve, our skin expands, our bodies blend; nature makes you realise how we are wired to desire, free of judgement, drawn to flesh and beauty. In 2018 it felt right and important to explore the topic with three guys, instead of ‘the classic’ of a boy and a girl. United in the universal longing for love and acceptance.” – ANNA VR

‘I: Future Romance’, recorded in both Berlin and London, tells us four stories of past romance in a futuristic musical context. The debut EP will be released June 8th, 2018 via Zero Hours


Photographer credit: Alex de Brabant