Video Premiere: Archil – ‘Voodoo Dance’

Born from the bosom of surrealist tendencies and alchemic prophecies, Archil walks the fine line between artist and mad scientist. His short film ‘Voodoo Dance’ to accompany the latest single of the same name offers a glimpse into the world of Archil and the music he crafts. The clip is a bizarre tale of a love triangle between a jazz player, a Colombian drug lord and his wife (an obsessive gambler), all of this caught in the midst of a controversy involving a suitcase that makes people disappear. Archil, the puppeteer, plays the sinister yet charming magician that gives people invisibility in exchange for a dance co-ordinated by a series of moves to his liking. The video looks to touch the most profound and serious topics of our very serious times, analysing complex habitual tendencies in a father-son relationship, secret passages referring to very deep Buddhist philosophy are included for the amateurs.

I am very delighted to welcome my new guests Mike and Kongo Ellis here with us. I think their dance moves were remarkable, particularly the Tiger’s nest. It is a real pleasure to see my beloved invention can serve so many souls. I hope this little footage will open the eyes of more people. We have infinite space here if you want to join us. The Voodoo Dance will be your elevator. See you soon on the other side.

– Archil