Video Premiere: Attaque – ‘Don’t Leave Me’

‘Don’t Leave Me’ is the fierce new track from avant-garde electronic producer Attaque. An electronic artist whose exhilarating experiments with genre, rhythm, and songwriting have seen him tipped for big things by The Guardian, Q, NME and Radio 1, Dominic Gentry aka Attaque, creates a sound that has the power to emotionally disarm. Melding two-step garage, minimal house, and techno, Gentry’s keen ear for melody has been championed by DJ-producer heavyweights such as Tiga and Erol Alkan. The instrumental ‘Don’t Leave Me’ beckons us with the hypnotic house and stuttering bass, before erupting into a rolling breakbeat, android bass, and a captivating gated riff. Combined with a dynamic video capturing the sleek flow found within cityscapes, ‘Don’t Leave Me’ pounds out lustrous beats from start to finish.

In writing ‘Don’t Leave Me’ I wanted to capture an interesting juxtaposition between an exciting club feel and an underlying sad emotive element. Like the post-festival feeling, when you want it to carry on forever but a sadness simmers away as you know it’s coming to an end.

After extensive touring in 2014, Gentry built a new recording studio at a farm on the Essex-Suffolk border, producing for artists including Belgian techno maven Charlotte De Witte. But dissatisfied with the direction of his own material, in 2016 he set off around South East Asia with portable recording equipment. The inspiration came flooding out, and, now signed to Amplify Recordings, his new record Projection represents a bold new path for the producer.

Stream/download ‘Don’t Leave Me’ here