Video Premiere: Aurora

This beautiful live rendition of Running With The Wolves is the newest and exclusive video to be released from the Norwegian electro-pop songstress, Aurora. From her debut EP of the same name, Running With The Wolves is a sophisticated piece of icy pop. Aurora describes the track as a “song about having the animal instinct inside you come to life: Running with them, joining them – the instinct taking over, giving you freedom and making you forget about your human self and all things we humans keep. around us in the modern society. I think humans need to let go a bit more, shake Their bodies more often, like the animals do .. It’s a beautiful thing really. Sometimes When you look at the world, and you see what we’ve done to it, the way many of us hurt the world we live in, innocent animals, even our own child! And that kind of makes you wanna follow the wolves instead. At least for one night.”

At the age of only 18, Aurora has been causing great rifts in the electro-pop scene with her simple, stripped back vocals built around layered synths and tribal beats. The second track on her  EP, Runaway, has been described as “addictive as it is bold” and “fascinating, emotive songwriting’. In Boxes follows this and combines a gorgeous, haunting melody along with Aurora’s unique, staccato vocal style with dark synth sounds and sinister edged beats. The Boy in the Grass is the final track on the EP, bringing it to a close with soaring vocals and gentle piano backing.

You can get Aurora’s Running With The Wolves EP now!