Video Premiere: Blue Thyme – Can’t Be Disturbed

#NewSound – Blue Thyme is back with a new single, Can’t be Disturbed, their first from their upcoming EP. ‘Can’t be Disturbed’ also marks a return to the original setting and unique imperfect sound produced by DasNichts and written by J. Karmark. The song‘s music video – directed and edited by Brussels-based Colombian Rafael Espinel – dives deeper into this.

The song deals with the problems that modern love entails. We are faced with so many possibilities in our daily lives, and we are so afraid of missing out. Do we think that we can always find something better around the corner…but what if true love is right in front of you? Then “one day you’ll regret it. You were in love, but you didn’t tell it!” We run through life and may not realize when love is right in front of us. We‘re too blinded. Too busy to succeed in life. Too busy to settle down.


The crackling of old vinyl is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. Blue Thyme’s music reflects that. Their songs are as timeless as music from the first half of the 20th Century.” (Manuel Berger,

When Blue Thyme perform people hear a mix of Portishead and Amy Winehouse…

Blue Thyme (DK-DE-FR) began their journey mixing their influences of Jazz and Soul with Hip Hop beats to make music they both loved. This saw them voted Newcomers in 2015 by music magazine Melodie und Rhythmus; appear on German public radio, and play major public events in Berlin such as Hoffest and Karneval der Kulturen. Garnering more success and acclaim, spring 2016 saw them invited to showcase in South Korea for Jazz in Seoul. In November that same year, they put out their first physical release, the eleven-song-album ‘Through The Night’.

Autumn 2018 saw the band’s second release, the single ‘Unlucked’ – a tune created in collaboration with the musicians from their South Korean tour. However following this experience, Julie felt the need to go back to the perfect imperfection of Blue Thyme’s original crackling sound courtesy of DasNichts and the result is ‘Can’t Be Disturbed’ – the first part of their upcoming EP.

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