Video Premiere: C’est Pas La Vie En Rose by Free Free Dom Dom

Premiered today is FREE FREE DOM DOM’s eponymous single “C’est pas la vie en Rose” from their new 5 tracks EP. After going into exile in Berlin and tasting all the forbidden pleasures, after digesting club culture, techno aperitivos and BBQ’s on Tempelhof, Free Free Dom Dom’s ship randomly grounded in Lisbon, Portugal, on a fresh winter morning. Philippe & Laetitia had to re-learn everything, starting with the language. Obrigada. Obrigado, good start! And if that wasn’t enough, they also had to re-learn to live with a pandemic crisis. We all had to. 

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Every thing looks perfect, but behind closed doors, we hate each other.

They thought they would never get back at whatever they were doing, that they were done forever, but a breath of hope took hold of their bruised hearts, and not without difficulty, they gave birth to a magnificent 5-track EP “C’est Pas La Vie En Rose”, filled with scents, hope, melancholy and humanistic ideas. 

The music video for their single “C’est pas la vie en rose”, directed by the talented director on the rise, Leonor Bettencourt Loureiro, is a little “Clin d’œil” to Edith Piaf’s famous song, and well, life is not that much “la vie en rose” you know, even when you’re on top of the world.

The video is about the dichotomy of life; What we show and how we really feel inside, what we want badly and what we get.

TEAM Credits

Director. Leonor Bettencourt Loureiro @leonorbettencourtloureiro
Producer. Sandra Mendes @sandrassmendes
Art Director. PICL Studio @picl_studio
Cinematography. Victor Neves Ferreira @victornevesferreira
1st CA and still photographer. Cláudia Moreno @__lausn
1st AD. Rita Vieira @ritasvieira_
Edit. Leonor Bettencourt Loureiro & Rita Vieira
Beauty. Catarina Boaventura @catarina.boaventura
1st Producer assistant. Luisa Cativo @lavenderlocust
1st Set Designer assistant. Beatriz Faria Ribeiro @beatrizfariaribeiro
1st wardrobe assistant. Inês Mojo @inesmojo
Wardrobe. AHCOR @ahcor_lab
3rd Set designer assistant. Ani
Graphic Designer. Inês Almeida Brandão @ines.ibrandao
Band. Laetitia Duveau & Philippe Duval @itslittlevoice & @philipperocks
Bass. Adrian Bettencourt
Song Mix. Niko Stoessl @nikostoessl
Song Master. Steffen Müller @steffenmuellermastering
Dog. Shuggie @shuggie_the_white_boxer
Driver. José Ferrão

Special Thanks to Greg Bernard @gregbern, Julie Boulanger @mia2lr, Julien Labrousse @julien_labrousse_ & Elsa Kikoïne @elsakiko, Daniel Hermann-Collini @danielhermanncollini, Marques Almeida @marques_almeida, Silvia Achor, Apolline Guédon @apog_berlin, Anne Charles-François @ann_onima, & Salomé Hellhaz @hellhaz