Video Premiere: Corre – ‘A Spark, a Beginning’

Music and visuals that unite the natural with the artificial, Corre bridges the gap between electronica and classical with a contemporary synthesis of light, movement and sound. Collaborators Hattie Ellis and Henry Green aim to create a multi-media, cross-genre alliance influenced by the likes of Nils Frahm and Max Richter. With a background in electronic music, the composer half of Corre was inspired by a love of classical music and wanted to creatively explore this as an unknown genre for the duo. The use of Korg synthesiser loops paired with traditional, acoustic instruments such as violin, piano and classical guitar further reinforce the fusion of natural and synthetic sounds. The video for ‘A Spark, a Beginning’ takes naturalistic photography and melds it with digital manipulation and overlays to create an ethereal and visually stunning short.  A dual singles release of ‘A Spark, A Beginning’ and ‘Proceed’ was released on 4th August by Akira Records.