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Video Premiere: Daniel Francis – STRUGGLE

STRUGGLE is the brand new music video by Berlin Pop singer-songwriter Daniel Francis. The song is taken from his debut album FREEDOM & DANGER. The colourful video portrays that everyone has struggles even if sometimes nobody can see. Life can be colourful and all of a sudden feel just black and white. Struggles can also turn into something beautiful once we have overcome them. They shape us. Some obstacles we have to fight all our lives. On the dance floor we try to dance our struggles away. Director: Kiko Dionisio. Camera: Martin Gajc. Hair: Nadine Haltenhof MUA: Farhud Hamidi. Location: Schwuz


When you ask me how I feel
I’m a pathological liar, liar, liar
Skipping every other meal
Damn, lost almost all my fire, fire, fire

And I’m telling myself, and I’m telling myself, and I’m telling myself
I say Hey!


Listen to Struggle:
Album “Freedom & Danger”


Director: Kiko Dionisio @kikodionisio_photography
Camera: Martin Gajc @martinalart
Editors: Martin Gajc, Daniel Francis, Kiko Dionisio
Colour Grading: Martin Gajc
Hair: Nadine Haltenhof @nadineyvettehaltenhof
MUA: Farhud Hamidi @farhudh
Location: Schwuz @schwuz
Lights: Marcel Weber @djkennydee
Logo: Svea Zeuner @mrs2510
Thanks to Absinthia Absolut for the cape @absinthia_absolut