Video Premiere: Dislover – ‘FEAR X’

Following plays on NTS and Rinse France from electronic contemporaries Aya and LU2K, and support from Kerrang for their remix of Metal band Heriot’s Profound Mortality, Irish producer Dislover readies his harshest and most urgent work to date; inspired by the sounds of early 00’s metal & post-hardcore and the political & social environment that the producer calls home. Everything Falls Apart All The Time blends Dislover’s infatuation with bands such as Jesus Piece (whom producer LU2K is also the drummer of), Portrayal of Guilt and Slipknot and blends it with electronic and low-end pressure experimentation from artists such as The Bug, Evian Christ and Nazar.

Lead single ‘FEAR X’ is Dislover at their most rhythmic; a techno-metal-gabber hybrid that is depressingly cathartic in its blend of swirling noise, punishing kicks and vocal-cord snapping screams. The single comes with a video showcasing various standout locations in Belfast whilst shining a light on the North of Ireland’s turbulent, conflicted past and present.

In the video, Dislover shares “While having no political message overall it’s more of a tribute to the sort of content our generation grew up seeing in the media since we were young, and a reflection of both the beauty and the chaos of the city, with footage of 90s raves and parties spliced in with protest footage to create a sense of contrast between one another.”

Director Sean O’Hare adds, “Visually, the aggressive and unhinged sound of first single Fear X conjured up images of wastelands and end-times chaos, which is reflected in the music video, featuring visuals of a post-apocalyptic Belfast leading onto old news clips of riots in the city of the years.”

Industrial-tinged noise and bass with a strong emphasis on detailed sound-design, Discover describes their latest EP as “An onslaught of caustic digital hardcore and doom-laden industrial bass, with vocals and atmospherics that wouldn’t sound out of place on a black metal record” using his screamo talent to great effect as they unite their two passions. It’s certainly Dislover’s most punishing release to date. Previously the producer’s work was focused on the ambient and beatless realms, but with Everything Falls Apart All At Once they are channelling left-of-centre techno, gabber, rave, deconstructed club, dub and hardcore – something altogether more urgent, and reflective of the turbulent period the UK and Ireland’s (and indeed the worlds) society finds itself in.


FEAR X is out now: