Video Premiere: Drum & Lace – ‘syncopate’

Los Angeles based Drum & Lace, aka Sofia Hultquist, releases the dynamic single ‘syncopate’ alongside pulsating visuals by videomaker Alex Pelly. Inspired by interesting sounds and cinematic elements, Drum & Lace melds together sampled field recordings and lush layers of synths to create densely textural and beat-heavy music, greatly drawing from film music, music concrete and modern electronica. Her ambient and chamber work also gathers great inspiration from nature and natural sound, as well as the juxtaposition of unlikely sounds with one another. Pelly on the video explains, “When I heard ‘syncopate’, I was really drawn to its elegant sparseness. It perfectly matched a visual aesthetic I’ve been exploring lately, experimenting with minimalism and limiting myself to a monochromatic palette. I wanted to create something that really triggered the viewer’s imagination in a hallucinatory way, compelling them to create connections between sounds and light structures, like finding shapes in the clouds.” A cross between the cinematic soundscapes of Carpenter and the deconstructions of Aphex Twin, ‘syncopate’ absorbs the darkest corners of the dance floor and delivers a thumping slither of light.

“‘syncopate’ combines field recordings that I chopped up and manipulated plus a few hardware drum machines. My music tends to often be very cinematic and densely textured, and it was interesting to experiment with only using these particular elements in this piece. I like to think of this track as the juxtaposition of silence and chaos” says Drum & Lace on the single.

The Italian composer, sound artist and performer also writes and creates music for film and media. Drum & Lace’s composition work includes writing for fashion, dance, theatre, and commercials for clients such as NARS, Always, Tanya Taylor, Girls Who Code and most recently composing music for Saudade Theatre’s production of ‘The Constitution’. Her feature-length film credits include “The First Monday in May” (dir Andrew Rossi) , “The Gospel According to André” (dir Kate Novack), “Love & Bananas” (dir Ashley Bell), “Invisible Hands” (dir Shraysi Tandon out in theaters November 2018) & upcoming doc “At The Heart of Gold” (dir Erin Lee Carr).

Recent performances include The Echo Society VI: Family (USA ), Immersive Quad Soundbath alongside Suzanne Ciani’s Quad LP concert at Echo Park Rising (USA) & “Debussy e la Natura” at Festa Dell’Opera 2018 (Italy). She was also a featured panellist and participant at the Ableton Loop 2018 conference in Los Angeles, CA.

‘syncopate’ is out now via EverybodyHz Records
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Feature photo by Victoria Innocenzi