Video Premiere: Electrosexual – ‘(How to) Change Your Mind’ and Exclusive Version De Nuit (free download)

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.️” Carl Jung. (How to) Change Your Mind is a breathy and sultry downtempo jam inspired by the writings of Michael Pollan on psychedelic psychotherapy and the history of psychedelics. It is about the power of one´s mind, and how much control one can develop over it. 

Electrosexual says: “I am especially interested in the studies about psychedelic psychotherapy as a way of changing your mindset, a sort of reset to break our negative repetitive patterns, caused by breaking up or loss or simply as an antidote to our often stubbornly narrow minds.”

The track is signature Electrosexual and a reminder of the versatility of the machine as a healing device.
The trippy music video is directed by interdisciplinary Queer visual artist and long-time collaborator Ceven Knowles who already directed the video for ´The way they make you feel´.
M.U.A: Leana Ardeleanu
Photo: Kyri Tarassidis
Styling: Karma She