Video Premiere: ELECTROSEXUAL – Watch me Lakshmi (feat KARMA SHE)

Electrosexual returns with a slice of acid-infused synthetic audio wisdom, pairing with forward-thinking psychedelic witch KARMA SHE for ‘Watch Me Lakshmi’. Marrying frantic acidic synth programming with a dirty low-slung bass line, the track is a fierce and urgent acid ’n’ high-hat rager that climaxes with cheeky vocal raps from KARMA SHE. A peak time workout.

The video directed by Charlotte de Bekker (Future Ancestor) and Karma She is about picturing and acknowledging the past, present, and aiming at reconstructing and reinventing a utopian future.
Watch me Lakshmi is a personal cyberpunk world of our dreams. It uses collage and assemblage from the old world through the use of traditional themes: the world egg, glowing flowers, radioactive nest, and magic owls in order to channel empowerment, wisdom, continuity, and victory.

ELECTROSEXUAL and KARMA SHE (LIVE) will both be part of Golosa Open-Air this Saturday. Make sure to reserve your ticket!

Credits to the video

Video directed by Charlotte de Bekker @137ripples and KARMA SHE @karma_she
Music ELECTROSEXUAL @electrosexual_
Vocals/lyrics @karma_she 
Production House Future Ancestor @futureancestor.films
Editor Charlotte de Bekker @137ripples
Cinematography Nico Simkin @schnelle_schnitte
Set Photography Kyri Tarassidis @shotbykyri
Title Danielle Erenberg @dani__________________elle
Color grading Theo Taquet @theo.taquet
Styling and Art Direction KARMA SHE @karma_she
Make-up Artist Leana Ardeleanu @leana.ardeleanu
Make-up Assistant Liv Gosdschick @zwischenunmensch
Mastered Version by Queer Ear Mastering @queerearmastering
Special Thanks Walter Kaul @walterkaul and Stephane Mashyno @mashyno