Video Premiere: Elsas – ‘Creadora’

Elsas releases the revelatory new single ‘Creadora’, a song that is an acknowledgement of Elsas’ finding her own creative power. It is Elsas’ second release on London tastemaker label untitled (recs) (Horsey, TAAHLIAH, Jerskin Fendrix, Famous) following previous single ‘Weeping Willow’. Performed in Spanish, ‘Creadora’ is a truly towering song that inhabits a space between raw experimentation and melody. The song is the sound of a creative rebirth, matched by a video directed by herself and Neil Murphy Miguel which is the visual depiction of liberation and expression. 

Speaking to press for the first time Elsas says, “Since I moved to London I’ve been fascinated by the strangely draining, anonymous and compressed space of the daily commute. It’s some kind of performative space that leaves us turning to our inner worlds. I’ve had some of my most lucid realisations in a crowded carriage. I wanted to explore what this psychic world looks like, in an aim to remind myself of the power of imagination and our capacity to set free from our daily earthly weights and expectations. Wrapped in Covid fevers I came up with most of the symbology of the video and it became my 2020 lockdown project, shot in my hometown near Barcelona. Creadora is an exploration of the alter-ego and free will; a self-reassuring open note: ‘reality is a blank canvas, palpably shapeable, create yourself!’. ”

‘Creadora’ is the second release from forthcoming debut EP The Art of the Concrete, a release that is set to mark Elsas out as a true individual within London’s thriving musical landscape. It is the sound of an artist establishing an exciting new world, stepping into the unknown to come out with a richly hewn sound that is set to stand out.

‘Creadora’ is out now: