Video Premiere: Emma Philine – ‘GHOST OF MINE’

‘GHOST OF MINE’ is the second single from rising hyperpop-icon Emma Philine. It tries to deal with the fear of never being able to feel love again. After experiencing interpersonal trauma it is Emma Philine’s way of facing the past and being able to glance at the future again. Along with the music comes an extravagant video co-directed by Dennis Behrendt, that shows Emma being stabbed by a multitude of swords, embracing the wounds of her past. “One day I just had a picture in my head which turned out to be the perfect metaphor for my state of mind: stabbed by swords,” Emma explains. “Also I found inspiration in the tarot card ‘’9 of swords’’ (sometimes I do Tarot for me or my close friends). So I made a first drawing and showed it to Dennis. He liked it and we decided this to be the main idea for our next music video.”

‘GHOST OF MINE’ is about the fear of not being capable of loving anymore. It concerns topics such as trauma, bad self-esteem and insecurity. Basically the point where you just isolate yourself and only identify with the pain and the bad experiences that have happened to you. I’m glad that I am over it.

Emma Philine is an up-and-coming pop artist based in Leipzig, Germany. Her music is a unique mixture of modern RnB and experimental Pop with buckets of soul. Through her lyrics she shares her personal story of lust, identity and anxiety. She creates an intimate portrait of a generation struggling with mental health in a perpetual state of self reflection.

On January 07 2022 Emma Philine realeses her debut EP “17 2 20” via the independent label Oddventure. (featuring 4 songs incl. GHOST OF MINE and SLOW)