Video Premiere: F I N K E L – ‘w / o’

Directed by Sanni Lahtinen is the enchanting video for ‘w / o’ by the LA-based future-pop duo, F I N K E L. Combining their vibrant palette and quirky inner-alien Jane & Brian Spencer masterfully craft a unique blend of hypnotic electro-pop tunes with dreamy phaser guitars and vibey bass pulsations that tease at an otherworldly perspective. She triggering a MIDI mixing board, he on guitar, their vocals intertwine with a shadowy fluidity that invokes notions of another time; perhaps the middle of next week. Sink your teeth into the gorgeously rhythmic visuals for ‘w / o’ before the worldwide release on May 10th.

A tale of two spirits unravels curiously from the seams of F I N K E L’s new singles. Their ethereal synthetic textures and rich vocal harmonies produce an aesthetic that grabs attention and gives it a nudge. The result somehow distils the mood of a strange day’s fleeting moments into a potent, lingering hex. Like the feeling of a passing glance with a mysterious stranger, we’re left assured we just encountered something ineffable and wondering if someone else felt it too.

F I N K E L single artwork