Video Premiere: fraen again – ‘mrs universe’

Produced in collaboration with the German-Jamaican multi-instrumentalist Tender Games, ‘mrs universe’ is a celebration of resilience and personal fortitude, dedicated to anyone who has ever felt excluded or isolated. As fraen again puts it, “In cosmic rules, you always have to keep going. If something happens, you go with it. You adapt. No matter if the nature of that event is good or bad. It’s about the experience itself and what you make of it. The universe doesn’t judge. It simply is. I wanted to translate that occurrence to our worldly obstacles to change perspectives.” A soulful journey of self-discovery, growth & female empowerment. 


On the video, Keidy Pech (Director) & Julian Gerdes (Producer) explain, “mrs universe is a song about empowerment. It was written from a place of isolation, and shows a person’s process of self-realisation on the basis of the comparison with nature and the universe. With the film we wanted to pay respect to those feelings. Visually, we wanted play with that dichotomy between self-doubt, alienation and freedom. Between feeling alone and the realisation that you are the universe. Ultimately, we wanted to make something that celebrated the divine feminine within us all.”

The Berlin-based singer-songwriter ‘fraen again’ deals with personal feelings, experiences and spiritual growth in her songs. Influenced by artists such as Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu, Etta James, D’Angelo and Jill Scott, ‘fraen again’ captures complex emotions through her lyrics and delivers them with raw honesty. Her sound fuses Neo-Soul and alternative R’n’B with soulful beats and electronic elements. After collaborating with Tender Games on a song for the dance movie ‘FLY’ (2021), they decided to work on her debut EP, which he co-produced.

With the lead single ‘mrs universe’, fraen again has created a captivating anthem that highlights the indomitable spirit of women, encouraging them to rise above adversity and embrace their inner power. Drawing on cosmic imagery, fraen again urges listeners to keep going and adapt, no matter what challenges they may face. The contrast between her physical isolation while quarantined with COVID-19 and the song’s message of universal connectedness is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. In fraen again’s own words, “I thought about many things that somehow keep us involuntarily isolated or exclude us – being a woman, being sensitive, your inner child, religion or ethnicity. This song is mainly dedicated to people who identify as a woman.”

Photos by @alushi_kanaan

‘mrs universe’ is out now: