Video Premiere: HYMMJ – ‘Guillotine’

Boundaries act as defined dividing lines between different spaces. But what if those boundaries get abolished and merely serve as fictional landmarks for a change of perspective? HYMMJ set right there: Where is the end, where does it start? How does the content change, when viewed from different perspectives? Based on the Blues and Psychedelic-Rock of the 70s they create songs, that don’t abide to temporal or stylistic standards, but allude to those through modern interpretations again and again. Expansive, atmospheric Soundcollages meet strong and dry Guitar-Riffs. Danceable and dynamic basslines meet rigid and virtuosic Synthesizer, while the drums provide powerful and indignant rhythms in the background. The freedom, which forms through the decomposition and fusing of boundaries, is filled with Falsetto-Vocals about lunacy and serenity; Sorrow and Zeal; Love and Hatred. They are yearning, bitter-sweet melodies, which capture the listener through its calculated chaos. Their now published debut-single ‘Guillotine’ follows this path: It changes perspectives and looks beneath the surface. Like the edge of a storm, ‘Guillotine’ sometimes appeals loud and violent, sometimes calm and fragile.

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