Video Premiere: IC3PEAK – ‘SO SAFE’

Featuring an exclusive line of second-skin unisex underwear by Russian-based fashion artist Nikita Kalmykov of Atelier ODOR, experimental duo IC3PEAK’s latest video, ‘SO SAFE’ is a voice of the current generation and culture obsessed with narcissism, desire and self-satisfaction. “Unable to take our eyes off ourselves, we are dying from this love. / Не в силах оторвать взгляд от себя мы чахнем от любви.”

IC3PEAK on the video – “This is a voyeuristic video about desperate search for love inside your own mind and body. Diving into a symbolic masturbational dance we try to see and accept our true self, because we can’t really see anyone unless we truly see ourselves. We look for our own image and reflection in everyone. Only finding it in someone else is the real source of our own pleasure.”

IC3PEAK started-up in 2013 when musicians Nick and Nastya found themselves united by the search for a new sound and visual language. What IC3PEAK now describe as “futuristic opera and audio-visual experiment” was too strange and alien in the framework of any Moscow scene at the time. IC3PEAK has outgrown the party scene since, and, despite taking on dystopian imagery, are striving to create their own utopia. “Today, when everybody is obsessed with the past, we look straight into the future,” they write in their manifesto. “For us, the beauty is in the struggle to create new symbols and meanings. Screams and noise are both our international languages. We do not have a manager — we can manage ourselves. We do not have a label — why do we need somebody to tell us what to do? We do not work with directors — we write, direct and produce all our videos by ourselves. We do not release vinyl — we make music available online.” Their global-minded DIY ethos, alongside their vocal feminist and pro-LGBT stance, is hardly what you would expect to come out of Russia at this moment in time.

‘SO SAFE’ is taken from the album FALLAL, which explores the increasing commercialisation of the music industry, gender, and the notion of futurism. For the video release musicians HNRK, PTPF, BAD ZU, ZOLOTO, CATSLASH, SIDEWALKS AND SKELETONS have prepared remixes for IC3PEAK – ‘SO SAFE’. Check them out below.