Video Premiere: ILTON – ‘GO!’

Electronic-pop artist, ILTON drops the official video for his high-energy single ‘GO!’ directed by Blush FM and edited by Ian Dwy with Fiction Studios. Produced and written with Emmett Kai, ‘GO!’ is a rush of energy that bursts from the beginning and is carried throughout the track by a speedy 90’s house rave beat and an infectious hook. “I create everything as a forum for people who feel the same way as me,” explains ILTON. “I’d like to think that as an individual I am part of something greater than just my destiny. This track is all about letting go and not over-analyzing your choices; losing control and seeing how life unfolds when you experience every part of the spectrum and tap into the power of living in the moment.”

“I have never made a song that had such a clear visual when listening to it. The video came together naturally . I called my friend Blush FM and asked her if she was free that day. The next thing I know she is styling me , doing my make up, my hair and running around the city directing and shooting footage of me that exuded the theme of the video. Speed, Transportation, Time lapses, Trailing lights. She is so talented and really got it. I appreciate that genuine commitment and effortless connection when it comes to people I collaborate with. It took about a week going back and forth with Ian Dwy who edited the video and about a day working with Fiction Studios to come up with the titles. And just like that in no time or over complications, the fantasy I had envisioned in my head aligned with the final product. I love what we created. “

ILTON has been building a sonic world with “irresistible feel-good, bright & hopeful dance floor music” (Under The Radar). Based in NYC after Immigrating to the U.S. at a young age, he found his footing rooted in the queer nightlife community standing within the contrast of ambient, ethereal vocals and moody electronic productions that “brim with experimental sounds, and help the artist masterfully carve out a unique spot for himself in the industry” (Wonderland Magazine).

Photography by Andromeda Hewson, BLUSH FM 

GO! is out now: