Video Premiere: Iska Dhaaf – Laura Palmer

Brit Zerbo’s visuals for Iska Dhaaf’s ‘Laura Palmer’ are nothing short of stunning. The 5 minute Lynchian clip perfectly matches a track that hums with fathomless bass against a sharp drum machine beat. Against the harshness is a weightless and flowing vocal melody, which counterparts the aggression and blends entrancingly. The ambient, albeit slightly abrasive, prismatic electronic music gives you a real dystopian feel. Press play below and prepare yourself an intense journey!

In 2011 Nathan Quiroga (Mad Rad, Buffalo Madonna) and Benjamin Verdoes (Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band) left their respective Seattle-based projects behind and began collaboration on Iska Dhaaf. The band was quickly embraced for their engaging live shows, and for creating the sound of a full band by way of two people. Together as songwriters they have steadily explored production, instrumentation, and an ever-expanding narrative voice. Iska Dhaaf is a part of Brick Lane Records, a collective of distinct, like-minded artists, who push each other to create honest and bold work. The label is based in Seattle, Washington and was founded by Kirt Debique.

‘Laura Palmer’ will be on ‘The Wanting Creature’ out 27th May 2016 via Brick Lane Records.
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