Video Premiere: IVOHÉ – QUÉDATE (QT. III)

Emerging German-Venezuelan artist Ivohé presents her pink-hued video for ‘Quédate’, part three of a series of DIY quarantine songs and visuals, all made at home and by herself during lockdown. Inspired by the early 2000s, Ivohé channels Disney-Princess vibes combined with a Britney Spears-eske Latin infused dream landscape, having a back and forth conversation with herself in different rooms. Blue represents the disillusioned Ivohé seemingly coming to terms with her fantasy not being matched, while the Pink room shows Ivohé with rose coloured glasses, hopeful and alluring. The last room, from above in white is Ivohé as a Disney Princess, helpless and innocent, hoping for her Prince to change his mind and come save her.  ‘Quédate’ (Spanish for ‘Stay’) was produced by Ivohé and engineered by visionary London-based rapper and producer Henny Knightz. Created after a heartbreak, ‘Quédate’ plays on the all too familiar feeling of falling for an idea of a person and seeing them through rose coloured glasses, idealising a version of that person in one’s head. The song highlights the stereotype often portrayed in Disney movies of the woman waiting for her knight in shining armour. The phrase “helpless like a damsel in distress” has an almost satirical touch, describing moments of desperation to “lust making b*tches behave like they’re prey” realising that maybe it’s just that the sex was really good, the rest was seen through the lens of infatuation. 

“Quédate has been my saving grace towards the end of my quarantine project. After my first two videos, I kind of hit a creative blank space and I felt uninspired; the first childlike magical moments of being stuck inside and having all the time in the world to create whatever my mind has come up with were gone. I was too busy feeling sad over someone I thought I fell in love with and I needed to put that energy into something transformative. I never thought the pain I felt could lead to something so beautiful, metaphorically not only closing the chapter of my quarantine series but also that of the broken heart. Not many people get closure like that and I’m especially grateful to have been my own saviour.”

“I have never edited videos before this series and thought I should leave that to someone who has studied it and can do it properly. But quarantine made me realise that I can’t wait until lockdown is over to pour out all that stored creative energy that was boiling over inside of me. I have a laptop, I have a program. I thought why not just youtube everything I need to learn. I knew it wouldn’t look perfect, which made it even more fun. I gave myself no restrictions nor did I give myself a hard time for not being able to perfectly edit out the green screen – trashy is the look, trashy is a vibe. I had so much fun playing dress-up with the tons of clothes I have laying around, creating cute looks and not taking myself too seriously. It’s like I was a child again, healing and magical. Editing is super long though, especially on a laptop that is way too old for fancy effects. I’m definitely looking forward to working with people who have proper video editing skills and better computers for that ha.”

Ivohé is releasing her lead single ‘RAYOS’ on the 2nd of October, taken from her upcoming debut Album ‘Goldita y Despeinada’ which is set to be released shortly after.

Stream/download ‘QUÉDATE’ here:

Photos by Yuko Kotetsu