Video Premiere: Ivy Falls – ‘Fold’

‘Fold’ is the stunning one-shot video from Ivy Falls. The painting-like portrait of Fien was captured with care and precision by Maxime Desmet and directed by Alexander Popelier. This minimalistic video shows what Ivy Falls is all about: the story and melody of the song. ‘Fold’ tells the story of a restless character the singer is trying to soothe. As the song unfolds, this ‘character’ might be more about Fien herself than she initially intended. The cynical undertone suggests that the messages are never meant to be taken too seriously.

The first solo project of Fien Deman, Ivy Falls is a chilling blend of orchestral pop and bittersweet melodies. The pop band Ivy Falls (Trui Amerlinck, Xavier De Clercq, and Simon Raman) released the EP ‘Mean Girls’ on Unday Records (Trixie Whitley, Tamino, Intergalactic Lovers, Millionaire) late 2017. The EP featured five songs, warm but distant, sweet yet menacing, Ivy keeps moving between these extremes.

Stream/download Mean Girls here

Set photography Alexander Popelier

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