Video Premiere: Jealous- ‘K-Hole II’

Our favourite Berlin-based rockers Jealous share their clip for break-up anthem ‘K-Hole II’ taken from their upcoming Lover EP due out this summer on a double EP vinyl via Dedstrange/Baby Satan Records. The clip, created by Jealous members and developed together with the director James Barry tells a story of the trippy adventures of the band, the devil, and a bunch of other creatures around them. The cast includes the dancer/model Lucio Vidal, the Burlesque dancer Georgia, Sarah the witch, local legend Dirty, and cameos of Selene and Oliver Ackermann. Lover will be available on August 13, 2021.

Jealous is a powerhouse art-punk trio that has been a part of the big part of Berlin’s contemporary music scene, about to release their double EP Lover/What’s Your Damage? via the NY based label Dedstrange and their own label Baby Satan Records. Limited to 300 copies, Lover/What’s Your Damage? is the first official physical release from Jealous, and with all the buzz is sure to sell out quickly. Indie Berlin calls Jealous “rising stars within the alternative microcosm” with “a rather intriguing spectacle,” “mad pack energy,” and “an explosive sound.” 

Analogue photographer Sara Parson Texas documented the creation of the ‘K-Hole II’ video which will later be turned into a zine.