Video Premiere: Kloxii – ‘DLMD’

Experimental producer Kloxii returns with the lush trip-hop tinged single ‘DLMD’. Armed with entrancing visuals created by artist Michael Montenegro, ‘DLMD’ (Don’t Let Me Down) is the cyber-romanticist follow-up to ‘Shades’ released on Tricky’s False Idols 2019 compilation test of time. Fatalist beats tempered in sostenuto ARP strings form the body of this ontological torch song, imbued with the geist of Kloxii’s band-filtered overdubs and arpeggiated horns. “I constantly find myself asking, Why do I do this to myself?. The lyrics in the song Love me, Judge me, Let me go, Push me down means we are loving, judging and hating ourself constantly, going back and forth because of our insecurity” says Kloxii on the single. “We are a victim of our own habits and we have to accept and let go of that invisible voice in our head.”

The music video to “DLMD” is the product of a newfound friendship between Kloxii and ZOOM LENS record affiliate Michael Montenegro, a Los Angeles-based audiovisual producer. Utilizing both impressionist film and video synthesis techniques, Michael transcribes poignant warmth into strobing planes of saturated tactility. Each successive filter rinses homemade videos of context and narrative, down to irreducible layers of pure mood that phase in and out, oscillate and tessellate to invoke the law of Prägnanz. The video footage was also shot with Creative Technologist Ivan Cruz based in Los Angeles who used a 3D point cloud Azure Kinect camera to record some of the footage with Kloxii.

Michael explains, “I use old and new imaging tech to explore the intersection of nature, technology, and the Anthropocene. Impressionistic film and 3D scans of Kloxii are compressed onto hypnotic planes of optical texture. Striking neon warmth compliments the poignant and synesthetic presence of DLMD’s sound design.”

DLMD and an extra B side track will be released on April 24, 2020, across all streaming platforms

Feature photo by Ala cho