Video Premiere: Kuoko – ‘Seeker, Finder, Keeper’

Kuoko makes her way. Cautiously, almost reluctantly, synths and drums find their way into your ears until her unique, crystal clear voice cuts through the soundscape. With her route in mind, Kuoko walks through a nebulous forest of sounds. Fumbling. Listening. Smiling. Determined, yet mystic. Spheric, yet exact. Mysterious, yet embracing. There’s an air of Lykke Li between the trees. Somewhere in the fog, Kate Bush runs up a hill, while Björk peeps out from between the stones. Electro Pop meets songwriting. Kuoko produces and writes everything herself. She records herself and definitely does not need anyone to take her by the hand and guide her through the musical thicket. Kuoko grew up in Hamburg, where she still lives and works in a small but nice record store. She illustrates, tailors her own costumes. On stage, she plays the keys and exhibits her love for detail in her fragile stage designs. Everything self-taught, everything self-made, and everything new. The Single “Seeker, Finder, Keeper” will be released on April 26th. On July 6th, her first EP “Lost Woods” will be released on Kabul Fire Records.

Stream/download ‘Seeker, Finder, Keep’ here