Video Premiere: MADANII – ‘Holes / Mvnia’

We loved her visuals for ‘ROSEMVRY’, now the attentive electronic artist MADANII digs deeper (and with double the magnitude) for her newest release, ‘Holes / Mvnia’. Accompanied by two spectacular videos, MADANII addresses social acceptability, twisting expectations and consequences of the toxic image of Western norm distributed by our media. Together with producer and partner in crime Lucas Herweg, MADANII blends traditional Iranian instruments with elements of trap, bass and Middle Eastern percussion to produce an uncommon crossover of musical worlds. Fans of Ayelle, Maths Time Joy, and Novaa will welcome MADANII’s unique flair for storytelling.

Dena Madani, “In the videos, I wanted to tell the story of breaking free from society’s expectations and norms and reclaiming my otherness. Not naturally fitting into the toxic Western beauty norm my confidence and self-image were shattered by my peers when I was young. I didn’t look like everybody else, my nose was bigger, I had way more hair on my head and everywhere else than any of the other girls. On top of it all, I wasn’t skinny. It’s crazy that was enough to make me feel miserable in my own body for most of my life. And if me being open about this can help others that’s what I want to do. That’s why I put myself in a position that would have made me highly uncomfortable just a couple of years back. I’m not hiding any body parts that I feel insecure about, hoping I can do my share of normalizing bodies and people that are outside this crazy narrow box of what we deem beautiful.

When creating the stories and videos for HOLES and MVNIA together with Anette K. Hansen we wanted to convey an atmosphere and a feeling of being constrained and simultaneously somewhat unhinged. Aside from using Shibari as a way to directly visualize the underlying theme of being bound by societal expectations, beauty standards and our own programming, the dreamlike aspect of the story attempts to create a sense of uneasiness and distress to emphasize the feeling of restraint.”

Live dates
13.03.19 – Sofar Sounds, Berlin
13.04.19 – Die Wohngemeinschaft, Cologne
30.06.19 – Wintergrün Festival, Paderborn
27.07.19 – SNNTG Festival, Hannover
More TBA


Feature photo by Colin Audette

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