Video Premiere: Maeve – ‘Make Me Yours’

Singer-songwriter Maeve shares her latest single ‘Make Me Yours’, accompanied by the self-directed music video. The track is taken from her forthcoming EP HYPERBLOOM (out 2nd June). The follow-up track to ‘Hounds’, ‘Can We Just Get High?’ and ‘Anybody Else’ from sophomore EP HYPERBLOOM, ‘Make Me Yours’ is more whimsical, playful and lighthearted than the previous releases. A nod to summer days and feeling in love, the song perfectly encapsulates the mood of the season.

On the track, the artist states: “I wanted it to feel like you were literally jumping into a swimming pool so to create that feeling I sampled waves crashing from my hometown, Grand Cayman. The writing process was really natural; it started with the bassline and the lyrics were super conversational and free flowing. I wanted to add a surreal element with the psychedelic phaser vocals in the second verse.” The result is a nostalgic and dream-like track with the common thread of love and infatuation that Maeve weaves throughout the 7-track EP, maintaining her signature sound of epic and euphoric sonics layered by breathy vocals.

Maeve explains on the video, “I wanted it to be more whimsical then what I usually gravitate towards. I was seeing pastels and Wes Anderson movies kept playing in my head whenever I heard the song – moon rise kingdom and the Grand Budapest Hotel – they were big inspirations. I printed out loads of references from my favourite films and brought them to the shoot. I searched the internet for a location and found the amazing Walpole Hotel in Margate, me and my boyfriend packed up our bags and shot the whole video in a day. I wanted it to be playful, dreamy and feel like a little escape.

For the styling everything I am wearing is vintage – I needed it to be from a different time. I fell in love with the red vintage Agent Provectour sailor suit – stumbling onto that was gold as I feel like that sums up the dreamy seaside aesthetic.

Like writing the song, the video flowed really naturally and we shot it, edited and graded it really quickly. It was really nice working in our little world, we worked on the song together & shot the video together – it just felt right for this one.”

An EP about finding human connection in a world that is falling apart, ‘HYPERBLOOM’ is Maeve’s offering of hope, of finding pockets of happiness in a dystopian world. Touching on themes of digital identities, mental health, religion, misogyny, altered-reality, irony and love, the EP is a coming of age body of work. Laced with guitar solos and nostalgic synths, it’s music to soundtrack long drives at night, sonic soundscapes that take you to another place, as the artist adds: “I love the cinematic melodrama so I didn’t shy away from making the songs sound big sonically.” Working with her partner John Clancy on the tracks, who adds instrumentation to her production as well as live shows, this is a personal offering to the world straight from her heart to her fans.

Maeve’s messages, multi-instrumentalism and daring production techniques are at once delicate and ferocious and completely unanchored by genre. Bewitching, bold and as honest as her music and lyrics, Maeve follows the auteur tradition of artists like Kate Bush, Bjork and Imogen Heap as a visual artist who embraces innovative and encourages cross-discipline collaborations. “I explore how it is like to be raised online, to take control of your own narrative, to not conform and then ends with a letter to my younger self telling myself to hang in” Maeve muses. Boundaryless, honest, 100% self-made, Maeve is everything a true artist has to be in 2022. Whether sonically or in real life, Maeve has always existed in liminal spaces.

Taking the fashion world by storm, the artist recently signed to IMG Models and went on to collaborate with the likes of Alexander McQueen and Rankin, displaying her unique versatility in the creative arts industries. Earlier this year the artist set off on two major tours opening for Marina and Banks. With a fearless DIY-aesthetic and powerful vision, she is an unstoppable force who is carving out her own path.With support across the spectrum of the media – including Vogue, BBCR1, Dazed, The Face, Clash, METAL and Hunger amongst others – welcome to the world of Maeve where this uncompromising star is set to take over.

Catch Maeve supporting Young Fathers at Somerset House series, July 15th
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