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Video Premiere: MARSKE – ‘Hospital Corners’

Spoken word musician MARSKE makes a fantastic debut with ‘Hosptial Corners’. Telling personal stories about love, life, loss and the human condition, his observations are often painfully familiar and range from the tragically comic, to the comically tragic. “What happened to I don’t care? What happened to my result?”. From melancholic scenics to portraits of the fam, director Will Morgan offers an intimate invitation into MARSKE’s upbringing. Drawing from broken techno to beat poetry, ‘Hospital Corners’ somehow avoids a singular category as it coarsely thuds along. The track was produced by the electronic artist Geoff Kirkwood, better known as Man Power, and is taken from the EP of the same name which will be out via Newcastle event series/label Ape-X on June 14th. It’ll include remixes from Berlin favourite Spencer Parker and Drumcode’s techno talent Boxia. 

“The video depicts the breakdown of the artist’s relationship with his home town and the North. We return to where he grew up through visuals of resonant locations and portraits of the artist’s family. This revisiting is warped by experience and the passage of time. ‘Stop standing still’ is a crucial phrase in this song by MARSKE. I want to give the impression that staying in his hometown would have been ‘standing still’; that staying in the relationship the song describes would have been ‘standing still’; and that as painful and difficult as any separation is, an existence of ‘standing still’ cannot be maintained. There’s beauty in this melancholic revisiting, but this is tempered by a frustration about things left unsaid and the difficulty of maintaining real connections with those we love.” – Director Will Morgan

Ape-X has long been setting the benchmark for underground parties in Newcastle with intense atmospheres soundtracked by everyone from Amelie Lens to Andres, Robert Hood to Shanti Celeste. Luke and Gabe from the party describe the sound of the label as “attempting to capture the unhinged moment in every party where the energy remains high, but the vibe can turn weird. Where the excitement and emotion are both balanced enough to let the DJ move people’s minds as much as they move their feet”.