Video Premiere: Mattia Trani – ‘Simbiosi’

There has to be a message if you release an album. There has to be a story: and Scenery, well, tells a hell of a story indeed. It’s been more than four years now since Mattia Trani’s monumental debut as of the LP format. The Hi-Tech Mission, released by his very own Pushmaster Discs, granted him huge respect from the whole techno scene worldwide: an elaborate and heartfelt homage to Detroit and a blazing display of talent, vision, awareness. Now it was time to explore even broader. With Scenery, Trani pushes the boundaries of breakbeat, drum’n’bass, and acid techno – with ‘Simbiosi’ being the perfect lead example of this swift progression. “The word simbiosi is really important for me, especially during this pandemic time,” Mattia explains. “For me infact [it] describe[s] the way of people to reconnect all together like one time and the dream to stay together soon. For the video of the track I was inspired by ‘Ray of Light’ by Madonna [from] 1998, I loved the fast lights progressions and the sceneries of the cities and people on the streets, underground, airports so I tried to applicate this philosophy in a techno way with the great videomaker V/Plasm.” Scenery will be released May 28, 2021, on Pushmaster Discs.


V/Plasm: “Working to the visual contents for Scenery has been a unique experience in terms of concept-aesthetic development. Mattia’s ideas were clear since the beginning and we have matched on everything without doubts, I think the results of the videos are the perfect translation the sound. I have worked to a huge number of album releases, but Scenery is the most innovative Techno album produced in Italy in the last years, and it is not only about the music but also for the details like the graphics, the packaging, the manifesto, and the videos of this masterwork. The strength of Scenery is the presence of different genres of music that do not lose their identity neither overhang the others, they all play together like an orchestra and the output it is always balanced, making Techno without making only Techno it is a winning point. Simbiosi it is a Warehouse Techno dreamy journey into Acid Techno, the background synth leads sound design gives space to the track and the energy of the bassline it is overwhelming.”

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Feature photo by Roberto Graziano Moro