Video Premiere: Max Cooper – ‘Organa’

Lifted from the album ‘Emergence’ is the beautifully illustrated video for ‘Organa’. “This chapter is told by Sabine Volkert, an amazing artist who hand draws every frame of the video sequence to yield a very different, very humanised type of music video.” Explains Max Cooper, “Her style also lends itself well to the general idea of Darwinian evolution – the tinkering of natural living forms by mutation and genetically directed development, yielding the warping and experimentation of morphology, told through Sabine’s hand-warped recursive sketches.”

Following only a set of rules for the standalone animation chains and a rough overall structure, everything was pieced together gradually, evolving into the final compositions guided by the musical cues as everything unfolds over time.

Sabine Volkert

Video by Canvas

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Max Cooper