Video Premiere: Minimal Schlager – Killing Is About Us

Minimal Schlager release their debut single “Killing Is About Us” today! The Berlin-based band delivers the perfect sound for big city nights. Dry-pulsing beats, hyper-literal lyrics, and ethereal female vocals – it’s hard not to imagine oneself being in the story of the latest David Lynch TV series when you listen to Minimal Schlager. Get the track HERE

Minimal Schlager is the moniker of Fran Parisi, who develops minimal beats with grinding bass synths; with his siren sister Alicia giving the whispers, screams and chants on top. Together they deliver something that blends industrial, psychedelics and confessional storytelling.

Killing Is About Us is their debut single, released by Duchess Box Records, the label which gave us Gurr, Sofia Portanet and many more. The tracks were recorded in Fran’s home studio using just a collection of toy synthesizers and cheap drum machines bought on eBay. He has the following to say about the song: “This song is based on a poem by Antidio Cabales, about how quickly things go rotten, how the surrounding noise will devour you…but still there’s time to love.

Get the track HERE