Video Premiere: Nahshi – ‘Unmoved’

Berlin-based Oxyorange label is preparing to share their third compilation, ‘ATLAS’, just 6 months after their last offering, ‘CATHEXIS’. The 10-track collection is a heavy dose of nightmarish club music that uses a lot of dancehall and dembow-esque rhythms blended with the aesthetics of industrial dance music. Quite aptly, this global sound (with no cultural ‘hometown’ to speak of) was created by producers from Japan to Mexico. The compilation launches into Nahshi’s intricate and dreamy ‘Unmoved’. The Milan-based producer takes us on an ethereal journey through syncopated reggaeton rhythms and glistening synth pads that creates quite a theatrical listen. With visuals to match, ‘Unmoved’ is a journey both aurally and aesthetically. “For me, the video explores a digital museum, in which time itself is out of joint,” explains video creator XOF, “Having a collection of relics not just from the past, but also from a future that never arrived really interested me as a visual concept.”

“My main focus was to create a tool to get everyone moving. Mixing in reggaeton rhythms and mysterious, darksynth pads to spice it up. I wanted to create a sense of comfort by using the conventional rhythms and disrupt this comfort zone with dark pads. Just to have a touching point and then jump into the cold water, to enjoy something new and different.” – Nahshi

Album artwork (Credits: X_O_F)