Video Premiere: Plateau Repas – Happy Bitch

The infernal Dance-Clash trio Plateau Repas wishes you a Happy Bitch year ! If feels like it won’t be too late to cheer up a bit and in case you were still wondering which sign plays with our destiny, well this is not the monkey but the roaster and these Frenchies are ready to roast that gloominess with glitters! Unshakably under the revolt sign, Happy Bitch preaches an optimistic turn of daily frustrations and anger into swag choreography and dancefloor empowering attitude. The brand new vid is featuring: Jane-Fonda-addict-dancers: Joie Reinstein, Jacky-Oh Weinhaus, French-fries-dancer: Émilie Beffara, Summer-house-on-the-beach-happy-dancer: Nicolas Monchichi.

Directed by the French film maker Robin Plessy who also collaborated with Boize Noise, Evvol, Cigùri and aMinus, this music video depicts a disruptive spectrum of rough and fun times. Shot in between the notorious SOS36’s stage during the Ich Bin Ein Berliner festival and their native bucolic Normandy by David Ravet and Jessone Chalan, this single announces the Happy Bitch EP featuring Fabian Kalker, Carne and Meisterfakt (Bruit Noir) remixes and the forthcoming mocumentary Twichy Zone directed by Robin Plessy in March.

So eat your carbs and swallow these vitamins to make it through winter with proud!

Download the song and the album: