Video Premiere: Robbie & Mona – ‘Slow Club LUV’

Bristol-based duo Robbie & Mona share the stunning new visuals for ‘Slow Club LUV’, which comes from the pair’s debut album EW, out now via Spinny Nights. On the single Mona explains, “Slow Club LUV was kind of inspired by reading about rivers that deposit gold. It’s about looking for the glint of something special in and amongst dirt, which led to the feeling of staring into the mirror waiting and looking for something impressive to happen. Some songs have a well-balanced song structure, but Slow Club LUV just moves forward.” Robbie adds, “It started off with the two guitar chords that repeat constantly. I really wanted to make something basic and monotonous that never changed, but could still be a journey in itself; for it to sound like it was traveling somewhere but not going anywhere.” Directed by Michael Sides and Ash Farkas, they explain on the video that, “Two people have just robbed a bank and are driving to a badminton court for a quick game while they lay low from the feds. Slow Club LUV has a propelling forward feeling, and this was the story that came to mind.”

Robbie & Mona is a couple-duet, William Carkeet, and Eleanor Gray, who have found a surreal creative outlet making their scrap-book glitch pop with each other. They craft erratic and psychedelic dream-pop which subverts the indistinct haze that often plagues the genre. The project began with William offering to produce Eleanor’s second solo album, which quickly transcended into the beginning of Robbie & Mona. The majority of EW was recorded in the cellar underneath Bristol’s most legendary independent venue, The Louisiana, with additional recordings made in their bedroom. EW experiments fearlessly with sonic textures and song structures, and yet the songs can still carry the emotional weight of a Magic Radio ballad. While the overall vibe of the record takes many cues from dream pop and lo-fi indie, nothing is certain on first listen.

EW expertly toes the line between deep emotional resonance and alienating disarray. Each instrument takes on multiple personalities throughout the album, bringing harmony in some places, tearing it apart in others. Synthesisers can roar and woosh around tempered programmed drums, or crackle and gurle amid tender pop hooks. Brass instruments can create a searingly sweet climax or a sleazy comedown from a glitchy frenzy. Guitars are used sparingly, only entering the equation when essential.

Both Robbie & Mona are members of Bristol’s emo-indie collective, Pet Shimmers, most recently back from supporting Alex G on his UK/EU tour. EW sees them tear around their self-made studio-like kids in a candy shop, taking full advantage of their freedom from a traditional band structure. More influenced by film than music, pictures such as Daisies by Vera Chytilova, Blue Velvet by David Lynch, and La Dolce Vita by Federico Fellini all play an influencing role in their music. Taking a more theatrical and minimalist approach to their live shows, Robbie & Mona focus heavily on visuals and atmosphere, rather than performing the songs with complete accuracy. Some sets have been pre-recorded and played on vintage video equipment on stage, with the band watching amongst the crowd. A small cohort of cherry-picked live outings has led to multi-media shows with the likes of Sean Nicholas Savage, Holy Drug Couple, Purple Pilgrims, and Oro Swimming Hour.

Robbie & Mona headlining Moth Club, London on 9th June
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EW is out now:

Feature photo by Ellie Gray