Video Premiere: SADO OPERA – RED

Following a string of singles , numerous shows across Europe and an appearance on the legendary Conan O’Brien show, Berlin’s favorite scandalous queer music band SADO OPERA are set to drop their new music video “Red”. Directed by Finnish media and performance artist Munalissu (who recently produced v isuals for Tiga), this sultry and suggestive dance floor romp serves as a love letter to the stunning red world created by artist and collaborator Andre Pozusis.

Both artists experiment with red color a lot as they co-host an eponymous party at KAIKU club – the center of Helsinki nightlife – and at the Flow Festival – a leading European music and arts boutique festival taking place in a historic power plant area in the capital of Finland. ”This time we wanted to bring the color red alive through the 80’s high fashion and disco scene. The editing highlights distorted and imperfect form with graphic lines,” notes Munalissu. Her strikingly modern yet fabulously vintage visuals compliment the music created on original 1982 synths.

As the core duo of the group holds a DJ residency at Berlin’s debaucherous Wilde Renate club, SADO OPERA have fully absorbed the disco, boogie and electro-funk sounds featured in their sets. To create Red , the omnisexual, gender-agnostic ensemble got a hold of some vintage synths originally released in 1982 (namely, the Roland Juno-60 and the Korg Poly-61), locked themselves in the studio, got naked and poured their hearts into their machines. The result is an upcoming debut full-length album Stray that will be premiered live at The Great Escape, UK in May.

Tour dates 2018

05.05 – Wilde Renate, Berlin

09.05 – Kater Blau, Berlin

12.05 – Wilde Renate, Berlin


07.06 – Unithea Festival, Frankfurt (Oder)

07.07 – Georgie’s, Amsterdam

13.07 – Bankito Festival, Budapest

04.08 – Vogelball, Hamburg

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