Video Premiere: Seleminga – ‘Curvas Peligrosas’

Seleminga is introducing her upcoming EP « Curvas Peligrosas » with a pamphlet against street harassment. Based on her own experience, she is merging diverse testimonies into one story
denunciating the aggressor. A word from Seleminga about the project: « After an open call on
social media, I was approached by Auno, Petite Pic, Lauriel, and Odessa. Unfortunately, they all
knew what to say right away to the topic of street harassment. Their sex, appearance, or sexual
orientation was a reason for them to be aggressed by simply standing out in the street. It pissed
me off, I was tired of hearing things that I more or less could relate to and that I experienced in
every continent. The streets belong to the harasser everywhere, all night and day. When it came to arranging their voices together, a deep chest made out of drums organically grew around it.
« Curvas Peligrosas » triggered my insecurity, probably because it is a very personal topic. After I heard the first mix of Julia Borelli that revealed all its depth, I was convinced that we were doing the right thing.”

“We are constantly sexualized and aggressed in the public spaces for the sole reason that we are a woman or pretty or LGBTQIA+ or extra or different or wearing heels or a skirt. It is extremely exhausting to see how things are not changing, how normal it is for us to be considered as a prey. If we dare ignoring them, the compliment will turn into insults or unwanted acts. So we have to answer! We need to fight, to say no until our right to be there is acknowledged. Most important, we need to continue showing them that we are there.Translated into images, the concept of Sofía Ayala and Esra Tanrıverdi is describing an intense need of escaping when facing these situations. Alida Stricker, Jagdeep, Brya and I, had to show our strength in a very vulnerable position. We are suffocating, we  annot breath and be ourselves in a place that is supposed to belong to everyone. To put the focus on our facial expression, they chose to film us under water with a very dark minimal setting. Thus, the images are disturbing enough to express our own discomfort. If this will educate at least one person, then it was worth doing it! »

Director Sofía Ayala about the video: « « Curvas Peligrosas” addresses with zero embellishment the rawness of street and sexual harassment. Seleminga’s deep beats resemble the lump-in-throat sensation I’ve felt when facing it. The topic was personal for both, me and DOP Esra Tanrıverdi. Not only because it seems to be part of the deal when one is born a girl in this world but because both our countries, Mexico and Turkey, were among the ones facing the highest numbers of feminicides in 2020. Core of the project was to break away from the romanticisation of victims as well as from the damsel in distress portrait. David Foster Wallace’s analogy about fishes’ unawareness of the water they inhabit in « This is Water » was one of the most important starting points to develop the visual concept: We are aware, we refuse to drown, we are cracking the glass and we’ll break through it. »
The full EP « Curvas Peligrosas » will be released on the 26.03.2021.

Credits Video
Direction SOFÍA AYALA I Instagram: @so_ayala_g
Production SELEMINGA I Instagram: @sele.minga
DOP ESRA TANRIVERDI I Instagram: @esra.tanrvrdi
Assistant DOP JAGDEEP I Instagram: @jagdeepamit
Casting ALIDA STRICKER I Instagram: @alidachloe, BRYA I Instagram: @xxbbbxy,
JAGDEEP I Instagram: @jagdeepamit, SELEMINGA I Instagram: @sele.minga
Editing SOFÍA AYALA I Instagram: @so_ayala_g
Colour grading ESRA TANRIVERDI I Instagram: @esra.tanrvrdi
Dedicated to LAISSES LES FILLES TRANQUILLES I Instagram: @laisselesfillestranquilles

Credits song
Composed and performed by AUNO I Instagram: @tomeyza, PETITE PIC I Instagram: @petite.pic, LAURIEL I Instagram: @lorenzo.riccobonvega, ODESSA I Instagram: @odessalissia, SELEMINGA I Instagram: @sele.minga
Produced by SELEMINGA I Instagram: @sele.minga
Mixed and mastered by JULIA BORELLI I Instagram: @nadokistudios