Video Premiere: Sofie Letitre – ‘Elevate’

Taken from Dutch singer-songwriter Sofie Letitre’s second EP ‘Take To Heels’, out now on Division Recordings, is the stunning video for ‘Elevate’. “Being strong and fragile at the same time. As a person, as a woman and as a man. I am really proud of how the video turned out.” Explains Sofie, “The symbolism and overall atmosphere of the video is breathtaking to me. Working with Tobi Jonson was an amazing experience.”

Directed : Tobi Jonson
Director of Photography: Maxime Desmet
Camera Assistent: Ivo Nelis
Gaffer: Patrick Haegeman
Electro: Ferdy Van Der Singel
Make-up: Lili Glavan, Itza Incognita
Designs by: Jef Montes
Grip: Thomas Serckx
Driver: Ushua Goeminne
Editing: Tobi Jonson
Producer: Brigitte Baudine / DARKHORSE
Color Grading: Joachim Vansteelant / VISUAL CREATIONS
Catering: Margaux Erard/ BUNCH

“What position will she take in this timeless, desolate place being surrounded by men? Lover, mother, ruler… Who needs who? Do we live to fill each others inner void? Or is it the other way round? I think it’s the balance between the others and you. ‘The Panther’, a poem by Rilke, was a big inspiration for this video. It was beautiful to work with Sofie Letitre, she gave me so much trust and space to create something around her music. I will always be extremely thankful for such love. It gave me a huge amount of energy in the process.” – Tobi Jonson

October 2016 saw Sofie release her EP Take To Heels, this also saw her continuing her work alongside producer Thijs de Vlieger (one third of Noisia) and band colleague Ferdy van der Singel. The content and visuals of Take To Heels could perhaps be identified as the optimistic twin sister to its dark and distinguished predecessor Uncanny Valley. Take To Heels was about breaking away from categorisation by the means of escapism and although the surrounding elements are dreamy and chimerical, this new EP, fortunately, continued on the rugged and intense course previously set by Uncanny Valley. Take To Heels encompassed mysterious, atmospheric feelings and menacing beats that are anchored solidly into a wayward mix of dark pop music and electronic sound.

Take To Heels is out now via Division Recordings


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