Video Premiere: The Micronaut – ‘Oldnew’

Multi-instrumentalist and producer The Micronaut (Stefan Streck) releases slick visuals for ‘Oldnew’, the atmospheric track from his latest EP ‘Contrast’ on Freude am Tanzen. The clip is inspired by contrast; playing with time and sensuality. The Micronaut’s intertwining of visuals and sound are unmistakable as Berlin-based creative agency Common Confusement produce a 4-minute feat inspired by, as the title of the EP suggests, contrast. A fast-paced, fragmented timeline is unveiled within a dreamlike Berlin setting, as memories repeat themselves over and over again.

“For Oldnew I worked for the first time with a specific harmonic chord. I played the chord in real life, recorded it and loaded it into my sampler. There is no magic to it, but I did this technique for the very first time. So I was caught in a harmonic framework and simply through modifying different beats, I was able to arrange this track. People who know my music, know that it´s usually not something you can play at 5 in Berghain…hahaha, but for some reason for this track it was important to me that it would be easily accessible to put into a DJ-Set.”
– Stefan (The Micronaut)

“Oldnew grasps contrast that can be interpreted in many different ways. We chose a scenery that is recognizable for anyone living in Berlin, perfectly entwined with the music and lifestyle that it represents for many. The video, like the music, is about letting go of yesterday and facing tomorrow as new. Rejuvenation. Maren Cichon, plays that role perfectly.”
– Common Confusement

Contast is out now via Freude am Tanzen