Video Premiere: Trophie – ‘Chemical’

Genre-bending vocalist, producer and songwriter Trophie shares a new single ‘Chemical’, out October 07 on all available streaming platforms. The track is taken from her debut EP ‘Dark City’, set for release on November 11. ‘Chemical’ was written during a time when Trophie’s reality was shifting, she found herself feeling disconnected from the world around her, and ultimately wanted to write a song that would convey the emotions of both loneliness and elation, something that engaged in a hyper-reality, and embodied a state of pure euphoria and enlightenment.  

’Chemical’ is about finding those moments where you feel connected to a higher energy that transcends you. It’s about searching for those who have lived and gone, it’s about the euphoria but also the falls and the dark moments.

A classically trained vocalist and pianist, producer and singer-songwriter Trophie uses hyperreal imagery and futuristic instrumentation to warp and reimagine her reality. Whilst maintaining sleek pop sensibilities, Trophie is fascinated with melding industrial club aesthetics with experimental electronics. Trophie’s cross-genre style is a unique form of experimental pop that sees her stand singular amongst the crowd.

Artwork & feature photo @diegocampomar

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