by Jackie Baier

Video Premiere: Valerie Renay – Living In Germany

Valerie Renay (Noblesse Oblige) first independent solo release, originally built on the satirical bones of punk and written in one night grew into a passionately hypnotic celebration of the Berlin zeitgeist and intoxicating playground Valerie calls home when Moses Schneider (Pixies engineer – twice nominated as best producer) offered to mix the single in his studio. The wildly theatrical performer, painter and electronic pop chanteuse delivers a dramatic and emotionally charged vocal performance, crafting her ironic poetry over synths, guitar, bewitching rhythms and hypnotic bass lines, exploring a new genre she defines as visceral electronic neo punk.

The award-winning filmmaker Jackie Baier directed the “Living In Germany” video where Valerie explores the political disparity of her world, possessing an array of characters that find themselves caught between its walls in either delirium or desperation. Stylishly dark and humorous like the song itself.

The song will be released October 17th on Valerie’s Bandcamp.



Valerie on Soundcloud