Video Premiere: VXL – ‘Train is Coming’

‘Train is coming’ is the leitmotif of VXL’s latest LP ‘Curriculum Vitæ’. Persistently chugging along, the song contains the sounds of a journey through a cosmopolitan city to the country. Sampling muffled vocals and hip-hop beats against the churning wheels of an aged tape recorder, Gautier Vexlard’s experimentation of electronic music is a laidback and nostalgic journey from start to finish. “This music is about the passing of time. About its linearity,” explains Vexlard. “And this was the driving line of the LP. I had in mind landscapes that scroll, like in a train. I wanted to make a sequence that repeats itself and evolves too. Highlight the link between music and time.” ‘Curriculum Vitæ’ features appearances from Majin BlobFish, Merty Shango, Inès (from Rocky), The Accident, Indy Eka, Zack Reece and Garde. 

Director Arthur Coulet on the video, “When you have to take the train, you often use the escalators or the moving walkways. Sometime early, sometime late, your fate depends of those mechanical creatures. Escalators are a contemplative place. The hypnotical movement of the stairs can gives you a strange existentialist introspection. For those reasons, I thought it was a good thing to illustrate the VXL’s ‘Curriculum Vitae’. I drew typographic elements that refer to gothic font character in lead. I also integrate a non-linear timeline that represents the concept of relativity of time and space. In my point of view, those choices make sense with the process of Gautier, who uses tools from different technologies.”

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Feature photo by Ghern Bardy