A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial taken from our new digital issue. Photography by Omid Aghdami. Fashion Designs & Styling by Egzon Malaj & Janis Reitmann. Models are Hongyu Wang & Jakob Weissbarth via Izaio Management. Hair & Make Up by Paula Harder.

„Die Virtuosität der Unschärfe.“

Gerhard Richter‘s concept of „Virtuosität der Unschärfe,“ which translates to the „virtuosity of blur“ challenges conventional notions of artistic precision and clarity. It invites us to contemplate the profound depth of ambiguity and uncertainty, both in art and life.

Gerhard Richter‘s artistic concept of the „virtuosity of blur“ might seem unconventional at first glance, but it has the power to challenge our preconceived notions of art‘s precision and clarity. It encourages us to peer into the depths of ambiguity and uncertainty, both in the art world and in our everyday lives.

Photographer Omid Aghdami takes us on a journey through themes of incompleteness and decay, echoing the fashion designs brought to life by Egzon Malaj and Janis Reitmann. These designs, (literally) moulded by the two students, carry a rough, almost burdensome quality that, oddly enough, conceals a hidden, introverted beauty. This beauty resonates with Richter‘s idea of the „virtuosity of blur.“ It‘s a peculiar kind of clarity, one that defies conventional expectations of refinement.

Omid Aghdami‘s photographic storytelling delves into these ideas and the perspectives embodied by the clothing. Contrasting with the usual countless numbers of outfits/looks in mainstream fashion shoots, Omid intentionally narrows his focus to just two distinct looks. This deliberate decision grants us the opportunity to examine each piece with an intensity that‘s often lost in the world of fashion photography. It‘s an invitation to connect with the nuances.

Omid´s photographic technique goes even further in enhancing the sensory essence of the clothing. Through manipulation of light and shadow, overlapping exposures, and the subtle elongation of shutter speeds, the photographs breathe life into the fabric, inviting viewers to feel its textures almost tangibly. This union of tactile sensations and visual artistry creates a profound engagement that‘s both stimulating and immersive.

In art and fashion, the „virtuosity of blur“ challenges us to embrace imperfections, uncertainties, and the unconventional. It‘s a reminder that beauty can reside in unexpected places, waiting for those who dare to look beyond the surface. Richter‘s concept, translated into the fashion designs by Egzon and Janis and captured by Omid Aghdami, encourages us to pause, ponder, and appreciate the intricate details that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Photography by Omid Aghdami / / Instagram: @omidaghd
Fashion Designs & Styling by Egzon Malaj & Janis Reitmann / Instagram: @janisreitmann @janisportfolio @egzonmalaj
Hair & Make Up by Paula Harder / Instagram: @paulaharder_
Models are Hongyu Wang & Jakob Weissbarth via Izaio Management / Instagram: @wangh0ngyu, @jakobweissbarth @izaio.modelmanagement

Brands used are solely designs by Egzon Malaj & Janis Reitmann