Container Love presents The Visible Love Window exhibition with the H&M group and Weekday.

Container Love celebrates a summer of love and visibility with H&M Mitte Garten, Weekday, Monki, COS, & Other Stories, and H&M Alexa. “We will showcase images from renowned international queer artists in stores across Europe with a highly visible window exhibition that promotes the importance of normalizing queer love.”

#VisibleLove is curated by Container Love, a global and intersectional magazine and exhibition series based in Berlin. Redefining the way we look at society through the use of art.

The #VisibleLove exhibition will be displayed in windows across Europe in selected stores; H&M Mitte Garten, Weekday, Monki, COS, & Other Stories, and H&M Alexa. Each store will showcase photography from a series of artists that all uniquely explore different forms of queer identity.
The artworks displayed in each store are teasers to an extended online special experience with further editorials, interviews, and personal essays from artists that can be accessed through a QR code. Some of the images will also be available for purchase at Container Love’s online store. The ambition is to support the queer community and extend the conversation surrounding equal representation.

Some of the contributing photographers, Lindsay Ryklief, Jess T. Dugan, Rob Tennent, Allie + Jen, Soraya T. Zaman and Leo Maki, will be announced in the coming weeks.

#VisibleLove started in Barcelona on June 23 and will span across 7 major cities in Europe for an 8-week period. The cities in participation include; Paris, London, Berlin, Stockholm, and Hamburg. Ending in Copenhagen on August 21.

In Berlin Container Love presents an exclusive photograph series captured by Rob Tennent produced under the Australian sun. There will also be the premiere of the film “The Hidden Dimension”, a documentary featuring Polish artist, Leo Maki.

“Visibility is a gateway to addressing equal rights. The more queer people are seen and represented, the less criminalized our bodies become. With #VisibleLove we’re not only showing the bodies but also telling the stories – we’re ready to talk.” Christian Ruess, Creative Director and Founder of Container Love